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Just Say Now: Help end the failed war on marijuana

A new campaign called “Just Say Now” is targeting the failed war on marijuana. See details below, then sign the petition here.
From Jane Hamsher @ FireDogLake:
Sign our petition to President Obama to end the war on marijuana:
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Federal Drug Task Force Strikes Again

Just got this email from Jane Hamsher @ FireDogLake – another terrific demonstration of your federal tax dollars at work!
A federally funded drug task force seized as evidence up to 200 petition signatures for marijuana legalization in Washington State… Continue reading

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AP Bombshell: "US Drug War Has Met None of Its Goals"

I’m not sure I’d consider the obvious failure of our War on Drugs a bombshell, but this article has some terrific stats about how ridiculously expensively massive the failure has been:
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The Associated Press has just dropped a bombshell on America’s longest running war and the headline says it all: “The US Drug War has Met None of its Goals”.

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