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NRA gets the message on Kagan?

It shouldn’t have taken beating the NRA over the head to get them to do the right thing on the Kagan nomination, but for some reason it did. Now the NRA comes out and says; NRA Opposes Kagan, Will Score Senators on Confirmation Vote The National Rifle Association announced Thursday it will oppose Senate confirmation […] Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Feinsteins – SCOTUS Edition

Patterico has a good take on US Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Judicial Committee hearings of both Estrada and Kagan, where she lambastes Estrada for his “lack of judicial experience” but finds that same missing quality “refreshing” when the Supreme Court nominee is a liberal activist. I found additional video of Feinstein becoming agitated during […] Continue reading

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Gov. Brewer succeeds in pushing President Obama into…

…giving a speech! Actually, it’s more than just a speech. All indications are this Thursday will be the Summer kickoff to our next political nightmare; trying to stave off yet another Amnesty package. Even now, activists working through OFA are planning on targeting GOP Congress members and “making them pay” if they don’t line up […] Continue reading

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Pete Stark-raving lunatic (D, CA-13) says “Our borders are quite secure, thank you”

This is how unhinged the Democrat Party has become
We’re used to seeing idiotic things from Pete Stark, but this is arrogance-deluxe even from him.
Via Michelle Malkin and the Golden Gate Minutemen (who are probably quite sick of being stuck with… Continue reading

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Gov. Brewer wondering why more money is spent on Mexico than on US border security

Jan Brewer, after meeting with White House officials, comes out “visibly upset”; Via TheRightScoop; So Obama promises to send help to Arizona, but sends twice as much money to Mexico as he spends on protecting US citizens, and his idea of help to Arizona so far is these signs; [UPDATE] See here for the saga […] Continue reading

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Rick Santelli gives the exact date the US will stop spending itself into ruin

“We need to knuckle under and we need to live more prudently.” “When do we do that, Rick? When do we do that?” “November second. November second is the day.” At 1:29 He then proceeds to inform the panel on CNBC’s Squawk Box what we need to do to bring the economy out of its […] Continue reading

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About the “Green Jobs” fallacy…

Government simply mandating a certain percentage of energy come from a particular type of energy producer is supposed to “create green jobs”? What about the “jobs that create the green”, as in, make a person money? Obama promised “Hope”, and that’s about all we got, empty hope. He promised “Change”, well we got plenty of […] Continue reading

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Why men invented everything

I don’t know who spilled the beans or why, but heads will roll
Via Stix Continue reading

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Again, it all rests with the people of California

We’ve done it before, we can do it again I noted yesterday that the possibility exists we can stall the draconian CARB rules (AB-32) a couple years to give affected businesses a chance to recover from the sledgehammer blow already dealt them by the nearly submerged economy. There is now an initiative on the November […] Continue reading

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What’s good news for California is apparently bad news for our idiot Governator

No longer content to be called “RINO”, Arnold opts for “Undercover Democrat” I wrote earlier how California’s AB-32 was killing California jobs. The state Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to cut no slack to businesses suffering because of their ecological idiocy. Well now the people get to speak, because it’ll be on the […] Continue reading

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