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The Obligatory “Leftist Knotheads” at Glenn Beck’s Restoring America rally in DC and via Twitter

You just knew somebody would get these guys on camera It had to be a Howe! Ben Howe, in fact, utterly destroyed these guys and their moronic “arguments”. On guy even steps in to “handle this” so his friend (who seemingly could only wave and smile idiotically) could smile and wave idiotically. h/t GayPatriot; At […] Continue reading

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How many more blatant Obama lies will liberals put up with? Amnesty by Executive Order

Remember when the story broke about a memo being reviewed by ICE officials which would “…serve as a substitute for comprehensive immigration reforms.”? Team Obama poo pooed that, saying it was just “discussion” and saying “nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions.” Lies. Again; The Department of Homeland Security is systematically […] Continue reading

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Al Franken cracks himself up as Senator, now he’s out to take over Algore’s internet

The Senate’s self-appointed Jester, or rather, Court Fool, has now taken up a new job in addition to pretending to be a US Senator; he’s a Twitter Activist. His cause du jour? Restricting the internet to anyone who doesn’t agree with the left. Uncle Al would like you to sign his petition because “…the government […] Continue reading

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And now, the rest of the story; Why Andy Stern REALLY left SEIU

Andy Stern left SEIU last April, fueling both confusion and gushing accolades from the left, and squinty-eyed “What’s he up to now looks from the right. Well, the dots have now been connected, and by none other than my heroes at Labor Union Report.com. Crossposting also at Big Government, LUR writes an awesome piece that […] Continue reading

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About the “Green Jobs” fallacy…

Government simply mandating a certain percentage of energy come from a particular type of energy producer is supposed to “create green jobs”? What about the “jobs that create the green”, as in, make a person money? Obama promised “Hope”, and that’s about all we got, empty hope. He promised “Change”, well we got plenty of […] Continue reading

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Director James Cameron sent back to Hollywood by “Gracious Morons” at BP

I think James Cameron is the real moron here Apparently, Hollywood director James Cameron of “Avatar” and “Titanic” fame couldn’t contain himself when he saw the Deepwater Horizon disaster unfolding. Jumping up and down in his living room in front of his big screen TV, obviously thinking “Hey! I know all about this underwater stuff!” […] Continue reading

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So you don’t like the way Israeli commandos defend themselves?

Wait till NEXT time It started with non-lethal paint balls filled with pepper-spray, which was responded to by pipes and knives. It ended with gunfire. Guess who won? After several days of produced uproar which included Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State “officially” (I bet Obama claims he “wasn’t aware”) condemning Israel, an anonymous […] Continue reading

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