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It’s hard to stay mad at the NRA after this

This is the bomb! Awesome Get Out The Vote video from Trigger The Vote [CLC Editor’s note: but GunOwners of America is way better and uncompromising too! CLC would add that you should also get a gun if you don’t already have one~] Continue reading

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Still MORE NRA pondering endorsement of Harry Reid

Better “ponder” real hard on this one, folks The NRA in thinking about backing Harry Reid in November over his GOP opponent Sharron Angle is worried more along the lines of who the next Senate Majority Leader will be; “The Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association are always one bad incident away from politicians […] Continue reading

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NRA gets the message on Kagan?

It shouldn’t have taken beating the NRA over the head to get them to do the right thing on the Kagan nomination, but for some reason it did. Now the NRA comes out and says; NRA Opposes Kagan, Will Score Senators on Confirmation Vote The National Rifle Association announced Thursday it will oppose Senate confirmation […] Continue reading

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Guns Save Lives

I always appreciate Stossel’s take on issues like this (via Reason Magazine):

You know what the mainstream media think about guns and our freedom to carry them.
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