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Tis the season to be __________?

You need to be aware of the seasons, even if you are not a farmer.
People are moving into their most productive stretches of the year – the quarter from post-labor day to Thanksgiving/Christmas season.
Because of culture and climate we are used to certain times of the year being related to certain activities. Summer = […] Continue reading

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Do we just give up?

On one of my MeetUp groups, one activist noted his frustration in creating change in Oklahoma:
“I am really questioning the logic behind the idea of working within the republican party. Not one single bill passed last session. Not one Liberty candidate made it past the primary. The OK republican leadership is laughing at us. And […] Continue reading

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Boldness is a tactic, not a Strategy

Boldness is a tactic, not a Strategy
Yes there is a difference – and a potentially huge one.
You create strategy based on a number of factors – you your advisory, the environment, the stakes.  Being bold at the right moment can be vital – but it is a tool, a tactic, not a strategy.
There is no […] Continue reading

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Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn

Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn
[The late Jim Rohn was known as the salesman’s philosopher.  He was raised as the son of an Idaho farmer, but struck off for the big city.  While he worked hard, he didn’t turn his life around until his late 20’s thanks in large part to the philosophy taught him […] Continue reading

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Washington was a tough dude

I try to remind my kids when we get into real wilderness that this is all there was when the ancestors carved out a spot to build their homes and start a new life. It is easy to take for granted there were always roads, stores and air conditioning.
Don’t let this weekend go by […] Continue reading

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Pizza and Taxes

At one level, this is petty but it’s indicative of a bigger problem.  Have you made a reservation at a hotel, and found out at the last minute that instead of the quoted price, you’re paying an additional $20 a day because of a “resort fee?”  Why can’t they be honest and simply show the […] Continue reading

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Gotcha Journalism

“When they do it to you once—and you learn, you become a philosopher…but if they do it to you twice you’re an idiot.” (I’m not actually quoting someone, I just made it up.)
I just got back from Portland and a great training session organized by Katja. When I got home I downloaded a ton […] Continue reading

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Selling a political idea is SELLING

Very good article on selling with written words and ads:
“People don’t read advertising, they read what’s interesting. Sometimes, it’s an ad.”
Howard Gossage
What I Learned at the Franklin Mint — That Most Marketers Still Don’t Know
By Drayton Bird
How many geniuses have you met?
I met Charlie Chaplin (very briefly) in 1966 while working on publicity for the […] Continue reading

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Don’t always say what you want

In 1981-2 I was going through basic training and then Military Police School in beautiful Aniston AL (in the middle of summer). I will never forget one guy who really did not want to be there.
Steve was from a very wealthy family. Partially for adventure, partially to annoy his parents he joined […] Continue reading

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Not compromising an inch – still complaining

You gotta love the liberals.  They pass what they want by hook or crook and they still complain it is not enough.
Within minutes of passing Obama care, the biggest grab of power and wealth by any government ever – liberal congressmen and activists complained that it is not enough.
What can you learn from this?
Well I […] Continue reading

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