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Gold Basis Screwed

There are other metrics beside the gold basis that the market has developed in the meantime. One such is GOFO = $ LIBOR – GLR (the gold lease rate). On the face of it, GOFO cannot ever go negative. If it did, it would mean that the risk i… Continue reading

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What's Behind Gold's Recent Moves?

As we pointed out in today's other article, we may be reaching a point where the elite's attempts to continually reinforce dominant social themes actually begin to be counter-productive. This may be seen in recent downward moves by the gold mar… Continue reading

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Harry Schultz on the Power Elite, Free Markets, the Internet and Why Gold Is Going Much Higher

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Harry D. Schultz. Mr. Schultz has written scores of books and is considered a founder of the investment newsletter business. Based in Monaco, and now in his 80s, he has been producing his… Continue reading

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Is Peter Schiff Going to Washington?

Want someone in Washington who actually understands economics? (I know, I know – It’s a pretty crazy concept…)

“Peter Schiff has been a long-time critic of destructive government policies and predicted our current economic crisis. The politicians in Washington are continuing these same failed policies.

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