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How Much Does America Spend On Multilingual Programs?

Do you know exactly how many of your tax dollars your government spends on multilingual programs? I mean everything, from the costs of hiring bilingual teachers, printing bilingual textbooks, translating every government website into multiple language… Continue reading

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Representative McClintock's Response to Mexican President Calderon's Bashing of America

Editors Note: Many Americans were appalled on May 20, 2010 when Mexican President Felipe Calderon speaking before a joint session of Congress proceeded to lecture the United States critizing our immigration policy and specifically attacking Arizona’s… Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Statehood – A Bad Idea at a Terrible Time

            In my last letter to you, I described what appears to be an effort on the part of the elitists in Washington to replace American voters with tens of millions of non–English speaking new citizens.            Their pla… Continue reading

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87% Say English Should Be the Official Language of the United States

Editors Note:    The following report appeared in the May 11, 2010 edition of Rasmussen Reports.   We are sure that you will be heartened by the following poll results which clearly show that the overwhelming majority of the American people are w… Continue reading

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S.991 Establishes Uniform Language Testing Standard

As Americans have witnessed in recent days, there are bills brought before the Congress that attempt to hide their true intent.  Their authors try to conceal the worst elements by making their bills thousands of pages long and full of cryptic and ambi… Continue reading

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Vote Against H.R. 2499 Puerto Rico Statehood

    ENGLISH FIRST WILL NEGATIVELY SCORE THE BURTON/YOUNG AMENDMENT ALLOWING BILINGUALISM.   The Burton/Don Young destructive amendment is meant to give cover to bilingualism.  Congressman Burton is reprising his role as spoiler on the English is… Continue reading

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Bill Stops Bilingual Ballots; Prevents Illegal Voting

Did multilingual ballots and illegal alien voting determine who won close races in the last election?  Who knows for sure?  But what I can tell you, for certain, is that, every year, more and more Americans are having their votes cancelled out by ten… Continue reading

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H.R. 1228 Will Terminate Executive Order 13166

Last month, I asked for your support of Senator Inhofe’s National Language Act, S.991.  It was the first step in our campaign to make English the official language of the United States.  And today I am asking you to help English First take the next… Continue reading

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Timing Is Right To Pass The National Language Act

Please have your Senators contact Senator Joseph Lieberman and demand that he hold hearings on S.991, The National Language Act.Last month, in Massachusetts, the radical wing of the Democratic Party got a serious wake-up call.  A seat that was owned b… Continue reading

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Airline Mechanics Cannot Communicate In English

Did you know that English is the official and international language of aviation and that all repair manuals are printed only in English?  It shouldn’t be surprising since English is also the international language of business.  But it is even more c… Continue reading

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