To build a coalition of  leaders, with Christian, Constitutional underpinnings who are committed to genuine grassroots efforts,  working together toward the common goals of returning the country to its founding as originally intended.

Mission Statement:

We will encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.  In keeping with the principles upon which the United States was founded, we think this mission is best fulfilled through efforts from the bottom up, not the top-down.

Therefore, we offer support to those who wish to collaborate openly with others to meet our stated mission. We will not endorse or support any group whose agenda and/or use of funds is not clearly stated, or is in conflict with our mission.

As part of the CLC’s mission, which is to protect and promote genuine grassroots efforts, one of our primary projects is the creation of a listing venue for Tea Party and other grassroots events, and a supportive companion site for Tea Party Organizers.

4 Responses to About

  1. Jeremy Rhymes says:

    Great site and awesome mission statement guys! Thanks for getting it going here in OK.

  2. Jeremy,

    Thanks for your encouragement – it means a lot!/sc

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  4. Moneybomb for Rand Paul, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh, and other Liberty candidates. Spread the Message and Donate!!

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