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Are Consumers Finally Winning in Washington?

This past week the administration announced its choice for the first credit czar at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This bureau was created as part of the supposed Wall Street reform bill recently passed by Congress. This new bureau, whic… Continue reading

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How Globalism Emerges – in a Rush

The power elite used to move along the waters of the world like a majestic supertanker with plenty of time to take evasive action when an obstacle was sighted. These days it races along like nuclear-powered destroyer. An additional dominant social them… Continue reading

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Fracturing of Global Sports

Just yesterday, we wrote about NFL quarterback Michael Vick who ran a violent dog-fighting ring and who, years after the offenses, remained something of a sports pariah from a reporting standpoint. We pointed out that the sports-writing community in pa… Continue reading

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No Way Could I Support Republicans

At times I have the impression that maybe there are practicing political allies out there somewhere, ones who are involved with current affairs, and at times it looks like these would be Republicans and especially conservative ones. That's because … Continue reading

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Senate Scheduled to Vote on anti-Free Speech Bill

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Database of suspicious activity going live with little attention

G.W. Schulz | Update: Elevated Risk | September 21, 2010 Federal officials are closer to establishing what amounts to a nationwide database of so-called “suspicious activity reports” that describe possible evidence of terrorist attack pla… Continue reading

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