Middle Ground Not For Us: Time To Be Brave

We’ve not spoken much about faith on this site, but the more we look at solutions to the many problems we’re confronting, we discover we can’t do this alone.

In order to do many of the things that we’ve already done, it’s required additional strength. There is a bit of momentum of late – we need to keep moving. Where will we get the strength?

This song comes to us at just the right time it seems. Considering this past week’s events, those of us who wish to see America return to its foundational principles need to get stronger, and be brave. In addition to blocking the agenda of the Progressive left, we know we need to return the GOP to being the party of limited, constitutional government. The establishment, as has been so vividly displayed this week, is not very willing to relinquish its chokehold on power.

We will all have to step out of our comfort zones if we want our elected officials to stop spending us into oblivion. What time we can give to our efforts must be well-focused and effective. Those who can will have to engage people on a one-on-one basis. It’s not easy work.

On some level or another, especially if we’re effective, we cannot expect to be received “kindly” by either the establishment or those wishing for “transformation” or even the destruction of our system as we know it.

Silence, middle ground, and the comfortable places are not for us. We need to be brave.


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