Nebraska Appleseed Not Happy: Judge Refuses Injunction

Watch out for that apple…

Nebraska Appleseed is a Lincoln-based entity that seems to be on the wrong side of just about every issue limited government types are concerned about.  If it costs money, grows government, facilitates the welfare state, promotes a “green” agenda, and potentially raises taxes, odds are high…Nebraska Appleseed would be for it.

GiN’s “Deserving of Darts” feature was only created recently  – otherwise Appleseed would have already nominated themselves multiple times. The most vivid examples involve their very “vigorous” support of “health care reform”. Appleseed was front and center in organizing more than one pro-socialized medicine rally in Lincoln, including one in August 2009 that involved bussing in faux supporters and hired thugs to target counter-protestors for physical intimidation. No matter regarding GiN’s dart board; we are certain Appleseed will give many reasons in future to serve as a target.

Recent action from Appleseed is much more deserving of nomination for GiN’s Whine List.

Not content with their failure to pressure Nebraska government to pay Medicaid benefits for prenatal care for participants who either failed to comply with program guidelines or who were illegal immigrants, Appleseed decided to file suit against State of Nebraska officials. The whole issue revolves around a bill we at GiN have dubbed “the bill that refuses to die”; LB 1110[1. The issue of prenatal care funding and the attempted remedy, a bill introduced in the Nebraska Unicameral, LB 1110, arose at a time when GiN was rather overwhelmed. We only had time to complete one article on the topic: LB 1110 Another Conundrum Caused By Federal Government. There is much more that could and should be said about it. While we didn’t have much time to report on LB 1110 and the many maneuvers associated with it by legislators, media, and advocacy groups like Appleseed, we did track those events. Suffice to say for the moment, the entire episode was illuminating in a way that was not flattering to the aforementioned list of Nebraskans.].

A Lancaster county judge recently added to Appleseed’s reasons to whine: their request for an injunction was denied, an August 25 report in the Lincoln Journal Star noted. Appleseed’s lawsuit obviously goes beyond whining; it should give all taxpaying citizens concern and cause us all to question the current paradigms under which we are operating. Should government be engaging in welfare-state funding so heavily? The fact that an advocacy group believes it can sue government and force elected officials to fund a program in perpetuity absent any criteria or adequate funding should be a neon sign that we’ve gone way too far in engendering such a deep sense of entitlement.

Most assuredly, Appleseed is not through whining on this subject. The LJS article gave no indication that Appleseed has dropped their lawsuit. In addition to pursuing legal acton against Nebraska officials regarding the program funding, we have seen ample evidence that Appleseed, other groups, and a number of Nebraska Senators have the state objective of going back at the LB 1110 issue in the coming session of the Unicameral.

While this article focuses on aiming darts at a group that deserves it for one particular action, we should all stay focused on Appleseed and its activities. We can thank the Lincoln Journal Star and a number of our legislators for ensuring this group impacts Nebraska government.



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