Sept. 18 Gathering of Eagles

Hosted by Ames Research Laboratories, Inc.

Saturday, September 18, 2010
At the Ames Ranch
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We are a gathering of conservative business leaders, citizens, and tea party members unified for the common cause of smaller government and lower taxes. We have a belief in the spiritual principles of freedom as founded by our forefathers and written into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Master of Ceremonies
Jeff Kropf
Former State Representative
State Director for Americans For Prosperity

Honored Guest Speaker
Tom DeLay
Former US Congressman & Majority Leader

Notable Speakers and Honored Guests:

Bob Basso
As Thomas Paine

Lars Larson
Cigars with Lars

Bob Tiernan
Republican Party Chairman

Candidates, Elected Officials, and More!

For further information please visit
or contact us at (971)-239-1268 or


Please come out and meet Delia, find out why she is the right choice to represent the third congressional district.


About SCrosnoe

I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over thirty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I am a co-founder of R3publicans or R3s –- we are Republicans working to Restore the Republic. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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