Delia Lopez Money Bomb Countdown to the Final Blumenhauer

Delia Lopez Money Bomb Countdown to the Final Blumenhauer

We are just weeks, days and hours away from retiring career politician Earl Blumenhauer and today we are asking for your support to bring Liberty and Freedom to Oregon’s 3rd District. Please donate today:

Radio-thon to raise money for Delia’s race for the United States Congress in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District

Between 9am-9pm ET Delia will be speaking with:

9:00 – am Michael Badnarik – Constitution Preservation
10:00-am Kurt Wallace of Interviews Delia Lopez
11:00-am Sharlyn Homola – Oregon Farm Rights
12:00-pm Sheriff Richard Mack
1:00 – pm Frank Anderson – I Caucus
2:00 – pm Truth be told with Bob Tuskin
3:00 – pm Delia Lopez interviews Senatorial candidate Shane Dinkel
4:00 – pm Bob Shultz – We the People Foundation
5:00 – pm Rants and Raves with Rex
6:00 – pm Dr. Ron Paul – Congress
6:30 – pm Dave Nalle – Chairman Republican Liberty Caucus
7:00 – pm Frantz Kebreau – NAACPC
8:00 – pm Ken VanDoren – The Voice of Liberty

Please donate today:


Listen Here!

This is an effort to raise enough money to help her defeat career Portland politician Earl Blumenauer this November. Earl is a candidate that refuses to answer any questions about his record and refuses to even debate his opponent anywhere.

“Earl calling the people on the Mall in D.C. with Glenn Beck “weasels”


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