Sep 16, 2010: Delia Lopez Fundraiser and Radio Day

Delia Lopez for Congress Fundraiser and Radio day on September 16th will include 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time Call in number 505-715-6522

Donations during this event will help our aggressive radio commercial campaign. Please donate today:

Guest Line Up:
9:00 – am Michael Badnarik – Constitution Preservation
10:00-am Kurt Wallace interview Delia Lopez
11:00-am Sharlyn Homola – Oregon Farm Rights
12:00-pm Sheriff Richard Mack
1:00 – pm Frank Anderson – I Caucus
2:00 – pm Truth be told with Bob Tuskin
3:00 – pm Delia Lopez interviews Senatorial candidate Shane Dinkel
4:00 – pm Bob Shultz – We the People Foundation
5:00 – pm Rants and Raves with Rex
6:00 – pm Dr. Ron Paul – Congress
6:30 – pm Dave Nalle – Chairman Republican Liberty Caucus
7:00 – pm Frantz Kebreau – NAACPC
8:00 – pm Ken VanDoren – The Voice of Liberty

Delia Lopez is a Ron Paul Constitutionalist! She currently has 44% of the vote in Oregon’s 3rd District against the incumbent Globalist Democrat. While much attention has been paid to Rand Paul, Delia is also quite close to going up to Congress and helping Dr. No with another “NO”. Please consider a hearty donation to push her over the top! This patriot candidate must go up to the hill.

Below is a video of Delia’s competition:

Delia Lopez Radio Blitz Fundraiser please donate.

We have brought the liberty message to Orgeon and we are changing minds. Thanks to the hard work of Lopez for Congress supporters, my opponent is losing ground in the polls, we have 100’s of volunteers canvassing every weekend and we have doubled our Facebook fanpage in the past week. Now we need your help to take our message to the airwaves of Oregon’s 3rd district. We have produced two powerful radio commercials and now we need your help. We need to raise $5,000 for 5 weeks of radio ads.

Please Donate Today:

A message from Delia Lopez:

This is the year Americans are putting aside the two party divide; the rich/ poor black /white thing that separates us. We are all Americans. We are uniting under the idea of freedom and restoring our nation to the constitution. Our Constitution was written to limit the power and scope of government. When there is more government, there is less freedom. Our Constitution was written to prevent our government from growing into an overbearing monster, where you must get permission to catch a fish. It is pretty sad when the scope of government results in the closing of young girls’ lemonade stands by government officials. Please check out the link Another report shows where government thugs point guns at children of parents accused of selling milk. Yet another link shows that unarmed citizens are shot for “dissing” police by turning to walk away! People suffering the taser because they videotaped police.

When the people we elected to represent us, whose salaries we pay with our taxes, have us (their bosses) arrested, you know it is time for a change. Earl Blumenauer had “free trade” protesters arrested in his office. Doesn’t he work for them? How arrogant to think people won’t remember.

I am Delia Lopez and I am asking for your vote in support of my congressional candidacy. I will work for our people. Our congressmen use our tax money to get re-elected. Please see the sad truth here “We the People” are taking back our country. There is a new game in town; it is people power!

iCaucus has used the power of 10. Ten people contacting ten friends who will commit to talking to ten friends to get them to commit to talking to ten more friends. It is so simple and yet so effective. They recently replaced a 6 term congressman while being out spent 20 to 1. We cannot raise more money than the current congressmen. They are using our money! We must all work together to defeat the incumbents and get good people in office. Unfortunately, it does cost money to run a campaign. Campaign signs must be paid for, in most places it costs money to be on the ballot. In Oregon, there is a $2500 fee for congressional candidates to get their candidates’ statement in the voters’ guide. So, please donate whatever you are able to our campaign. The average donation is $13, but no amount is too small. The maximum donation an individual can donate to a congressional campaign is $2400. Honestly, that is a small price to pay to restore freedom to our nation. Do you want to know something that strikes me as odd? Individuals are limited to $2400, but it was recently ruled unconstitutional to limit the donation of corporations. I think that is very interesting!

Please remember, if you are an Oregon tax payer, that Oregon has a $50 per person political Tax credit. If you pay taxes, you get a dollar for dollar refund of your donation up to $50 per person and $100 for a couple. So it actually ends up costing you nothing to donate up to $50.00 each! Think of this as your one chance to actually direct where your tax money goes for a change, while helping to restore freedom for our children. We ARE taking back our country. Click here to donate

Thank you!


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