WHO Cares What The UN Thinks? Not AZ Governor Brewer

On August 28, I published an article entitled “Obama Surrendering US Sovereignty To UN?“. I was hoping what appeared to be the unconstitutional subjection of the United States to review by an outside government would garner attention beyond that paid by the Heritage Foundation.

I was not disappointed. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer definitely noticed. She sent a letter to the Obama Administration to express her objections and to request that the reference to Arizona in the report be removed.

Once again the Heritage Foundation provides a report. See Arizona vs United States and United? I recommend checking out the list of available articles at the bottom of the page where the article is located, there are a number of other related articles listed there.

Moving from common sense to absurdity, The Washington Post takes a much different perspective on the whole United States subjecting itself to the jurisdiction of the UN. The story for the UN is not that the US submitted the report at all, but that it was “upbeat”.

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