Attacks on Freedom

Attacks on our freedoms come from every angle. Those who want to gain power and control try to divide us into Democrat and Republican, black and white, rich and poor, using the classic strategy of divide and conquer. Then the attacks come. Beware of this tactic when reading articles or hearing commentary in this busy campaign season.


I had a young couple with a new baby renting from me on a HUD (government assisted rent) contract. They claimed that the man threw a rubber dog chew toy on the floor. It bounced and put a small crack in a window. A visiting home health nurse noticed the crack and questioned the mother. The nurse told her, “You leave your husband today, or we take your baby!” The husband was charged with domestic violence (not domestic abuse as he did not abuse her). He was forced to attend anger management classes and a restraining order was put on him. He could not see his wife or his child without court supervision for a year.

Now here’s where it gets even more interesting: the father called to tell me this story to break his lease. Since he was not allowed to visit, he no longer qualified as “head of household” on the HUD contract. His wife could not take over the lease without going through HUD’s long wait list. He was crying when he told his story, yet I found it hard to believe. Oregon Children’s Service Division called to tell me I could not hold the breaking of the lease against her in a domestic violence situation. He verified the man threw a dog toy down and acted like I did not take domestic violence seriously. This means that I, the property owner, must absorb the losses from a broken lease that the government refuses to call broken. I’ll know better next time.


I read a great article from the Roseburg Beacon on how Tax Freedom Day moved up to August 19th this year. This is the day that the average worker labors to pay for government at all levels. As the pace of government expansion has grown quickly in the last two years, it takes 34 more days of work since 2008 to feed government. If it continues at this pace we will work for the government 365 days of the year in just seven years from now. If we worked all year to satisfy government, wouldn’t that make us slaves? What is we work more than half the year to feed government? Doesn’t that make us half-slaves?

The Kings of old England allowed people to live on their property if they paid their yearly tribute. These are now called property taxes. Today, in our country, if the government wants your property so that someone else can pay more tribute, your property can be expropriated or made worthless until you give in. This is especially worrisome for our personal security and safety as the federal government now owns most of the mortgages in our nation. Owned by government?


There are bloggers all over the Internet writing about attacks on our lives, liberty, and property. Now they themselves are under attack for speaking out. Steve Green of the Las Vegas Sun has been doing a tremendous job covering the saga of Righthaven LLC, a firm that has filed 107 suits against bloggers and website owners since March 2010.

Also being sued, according to the Las Vegas Sun, is The Armed Citizen (which has since shut down to avoid further legal trouble—see the letter on their website), Free Republic, and NORML, among many, many others. Righthaven has sued websites that published just four paragraphs of a 36-paragraph story, including a link. Who is this Righthaven trying to stop free speech? RightHaven’s founder is Steven Gibson. Prior to establishing his own firm, Gibson was an associate at Sidley Austin LLP, a Chicago Law firm, where he was an intellectual property lawyer. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Steve Gibson ALL worked for the same firm at the same time! Michelle is also an intellectual property lawyer! Coincidence? Perhaps Gibson is actually working for the President.



Our constitution was written precisely to limit the power of government to protect, not destroy, the rights of the people. We have allowed this government to grow into an overbearing monster from which we must get permission to catch a fish or do anything else. We are no longer free; we are owned by the government and must work for almost three-quarters of the year to pay them. See all the service the above individuals received? Is this what we want? Freedom is the most important thing.. Our nation became great and prosperous because of our freedoms, not despite them. If we want to return to prosperity we must restore our freedoms and follow the constitution.

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I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over forty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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