The Obligatory “Leftist Knotheads” at Glenn Beck’s Restoring America rally in DC and via Twitter

You just knew somebody would get these guys on camera

It had to be a Howe! Ben Howe, in fact, utterly destroyed these guys and their moronic “arguments”. On guy even steps in to “handle this” so his friend (who seemingly could only wave and smile idiotically) could smile and wave idiotically.

h/t GayPatriot;

At Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, I was informed by this Progressive that Beck was trying to make the phrase “Social Justice” a dirty word when it was really nothing more than an extension of the civil rights that Martin Luther King fought and died for. In fact, this Progressive claims that MLK was a radical wealth redistributionist (which I find unlikely, given that he was a Republican) who fought not for civil rights, but for “social justice.”

So what IS Social Justice? After spouting an assemblage of random bumper stickers, he finally reveals what it is: Redistribution of Wealth

And via cprater, the ugliness of the left on Twitter;

Good reviews though from BBC News (believe it or not);

Standing at the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and looking towards the Washington Monument’s obelisk, one saw a huge crowd gathered on either side of the Reflecting Pool.

Beck had called for people not to bring political signs or placards as the event was non-political, and apart from the yellow flags bearing a snake and the legend “Don’t Tread on Me” – a staple of the Tea Party movement – the plea was largely respected.

But looking onto the T-shirts and caps of those present you saw a very different story.
Glenn Beck Glenn Beck spoke for nearly an hour, interrupted only by bagpipes

Here was a profusion of the rich and varied colours of conservative America. There was everything from slogans about “big government” to a man with a shirt bearing the legend “Eat the Caribou – Drill for Oil”.

Activist Jeremy Batterson, manning a stall festooned with posters of President Obama sporting a Hitler-style toothbrush moustache, explained why he was so steadfastly against the nation’s leader.

“He is a British agent, a puppet of the British monarchy.”

But Mr Batterson was not typical of the views in the crowd.

Joan Schwartz, of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, summed up why many were there.

“I’m here to support our men and women serving and we just want less government. We respect our government, we love our country but we want less government intervention.”

There was much evidence of veterans and support for soldiers in the crowd. All profits from the event are going to fund the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which helps the children of elite soldiers with the costs of an education.
Man in Uncle Sam outfit and man with 10 commandments tablet There were colourful characters at the event

At one point Beck asked the crowd to donate by text message and people were reaching for their phones before he got to the end of the sentence.

Sarah Palin too earned loud cheers when she told the crowd: “I’ve been asked to speak as the mother of a soldier” [her son has served in Iraq].

Despite being viewed by many as the leading figure in the Tea Party movement, Ms Palin avoided any overt political statements. More-


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