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MIGOP Convention
Democrat Candidate for Attorney General, David Leyton publicly
criticized by Virginia prosecutor in Flint serial stabber Elias Abuelazam Case
Fake Tea Party loses Court Ballot to be placed on November General Ballot

See You in Hell! (MI:)

MIGOP Convention

First of all if you were a first time delegate attendee to State Convention…the wait for credentials is not the normal experience. Evidently, someone thought it was a good idea to print the credentials out as delegates registered instead of having credentials already printed out. Allow me to assume that the next Convention will return to that process!

I had the honor of giving the nomination speech for Ruth Johnson, who I personally endorsed and who was victorious and is the MIGOP candidate for Secretary of State! It was great experience but a little strange to have yourself broadcast on a jumbo-tron screen 35ft tall! :)

this one

The text of the nomination speech HERE

Another candidate I personally endorsed, Bill Schuette also was victorious, and is the MIGOP Attorney General candidate

Congratulations Ruth and Bill!

In another important race, Robert Young and Mary Beth Kelly won for Supreme Court. More on this race later….

There was a proposal that the GOP go on record as opposing the convening of a Michigan Constitutional Convention which passed by a wide margin, excellent news.
More detail to come….

For a list of the MIGOP slate for this coming November general election click Here

The MIGOP Slate, presented at end of the Convention

Democrat Candidate for Attorney General David Leyton publically criticized by Virginia prosecutor in Flint serial stabber Elias Abuelazam Case

Too Busy Campaigning?
This is the man who wants to be the “people’s attorney” for Michigan!

Leyton Serial Stabber Summary
WTOP, Serial Stabbing snub irks Loudoun prosecutor – August 27, 2010

In Brief:
Elias Abuelazam has been arraigned on a charge of assault with intent to murder. Although he has only been charged for one attack, more charges are expected. Abuelazam, in total, is accused of stabbing attacks on 13 people in the Flint-area, 5 resulting in death. There is also 1 Ohio non-fatal stabbing, an additional 3 non-fatal attacks in Virginia and an investigation into a probable link to a 2009 homicide stabbing in Virginia.

Abuelazam was extradited from Atlanta to Michigan on 8-26-2010. The extradition itself was drawn out and costly.

Failure to Communicate:
The prosecutor for Loundoun County in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jim Plowman publically criticized David Leyton for failing to return his phone calls and messages. On one occasion, Plowman claims he asked to speak directly to Leyton regarding the Abuelazam case.

Investigators linked the attacks in Virginia to the Flint stabbings over 2 weeks ago before Abuelazam was extradited to Michigan. Over those two weeks, Leyton did not contact anyone from Virginia.

A spokesman for Leyton said that Leyton was unaware of any calls from Plowman.

Leyton and Plowman were in contact the morning after the news report was published.

Jim Plowman Quotes:

“You’d think they’d return my phone calls, especially since I have information that will help them”

“I know multi-jurisdictional cases are tough, but I should be able to get my counterpart on the phone.”

“I’m not going to track him down.” [When offered Leyton’s cell phone number to call him directly]

Fake Tea Party in the News

Michigan (Fake) Tea Party group loses bid to place names on ballot

Mark Steffak’s fake political tea party lost their court battle today to be placed on the November ballot. Tea Party attorney Mike Hodge may appeal to the MI Supreme Court.

GOP candidate for Secretarty of State, Ruth Johnson helped to derail the “fake” Tea Party by uncovering suspected election fraud involving some of their “so-called” candidates. Two high-ranking officials in the Oakland County Democratic Party were forced to resign in the wake of the investigation that Ruth began. Furthermore, Ruth turned over information to the FBI.

See You in Hell!

RetakeOurGov is inviting you and your friends to go to Hell and back to fight Obama’s Socialist policies. Join us at the Dam Site Inn in Hell, MI for a TEA Party on Wednesday September 1, 2010.
Why did we chose September 1? September 1 is the 666th day since Obama was elected. We could think of no better date to publicize America’s slide into a Socialist Hell!

Dam Site Inn
4095 Patterson Lake Road, Pinckney, MI 48169-9064 (734) 878-9300

The Dam Site Inn is providing large outdoor tents to handle an overflow crowd – so come on out rain or shine! This event will be both informative and fun. We’ll have food, drink, candidates, a policy expert, and a conservative talk radio host!

We will have a wide array of special guests. Those that have confirmed already include Joe Hune (R) Candidate for the 22nd Senate District, Cindy Denby (R) Candidate for the 47th House District, Dr. Dave Janda a noted Health Care expert and opponent of socialized medicine, and Thayrone X the conservative talk radio host on WAAM (1600 am) radio in Ann Arbor. We will be confirming other special guests during the weeks to come. As an added feature, Thayrone X will be doing some commercial break-ins from the event which will be aired that evening during the Michael Savage show!

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I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over forty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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