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Take the Test Yourself: BUSH or OBAMA? Can 8-28 DC rally-goers match spending facts with the right president?

The BA team breezed through the big 8-28 rallies in Washington, DC to test the government spending IQ of participants. Below are the questions asked in the video and the answers (with sources). But don’t spoil the fun: first watch the video and test yourself. Bush, Obama, neither, both – take the test yourself! Continue reading

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U.S. schools: grooming students for a surveillance state

Schools are increasingly invading student privacy both in school and outside of school. Are schools grooming youth to passively accept a surveillance state where they have no expectation of privacy anywhere? Continue reading

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Most Americans Just Don't Get It

It bothers me to no end that millions of Americans simply don't get just how dangerous this current administration's views are, especially about the nature of our basic rights. I suppose I should not be surprised, given the utterly perverted pr… Continue reading

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Australia Next Afghan Domino?

There are only a few tribes left to gather into a nation-state – chief among them the Pashtuns. Tribal cultures cannot be allowed to stand if the West is to enter the brave new world of its elite's choosing. This is why the Afghan war, waged … Continue reading

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WSJ Discovers the Austrians & Boettke – but not the Mises Institute

Peter Boettke is a terrific spokesperson for Austrian economics and has been at it for years. He deserves all the credit he can get for being in the right place at the right time – and correct about economic history as well. We here at the Bell wish we… Continue reading

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Tea Party News

MIGOP Convention
Democrat Candidate for Attorney General, David Leyton publicly criticized by Virginia prosecutor in Flint serial stabber Elias Abuelazam Case
Fake Tea Party loses Court Ballot to be placed on November General Ballot
See You in Hell! (MI:)
MIGOP Convention
First of all if you were a first time delegate attendee to State Convention…the wait for […] Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Message to the “Tea Party”

Ron Paul has some surprising news for the Tea Party: You’re being taken for a ride. Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Continues to Thwart All Efforts to Affect Real Change

As the self-identified “conservatives” rally in DC under the banner of the latest controlled opposition to the Democratic leadership, the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin enjoy the spotlight and a continued surge in popularity. Continue reading

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Delia Lopez Radio Blitz fundraiser

Delia Lopez Radio Blitz Fundraiser please donate! We have brought the liberty message to Orgeon and we are changing minds. Thanks to the hard work of Lopez for Congress supporters, my opponent is losing ground in the polls, we have 100’s of volunteers canvassing every weekend and we have doubled our Facebook fanpage in the past week. Now we need your help to take our message to the airwaves of Oregon’s 3rd district. We have produced two powerful radio commercials and now we need your help. We need to raise $5,000 for 5 weeks of radio ads.
Please Donate Today: http://dlopezforcongress.com/donate 

We have brought the liberty message to Orgeon and we are changing minds. Thanks to the hard work of Lopez for Congress supporters, my opponent is losing ground in the polls, we have 100’s… Continue reading

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The Obligatory “Leftist Knotheads” at Glenn Beck’s Restoring America rally in DC and via Twitter

You just knew somebody would get these guys on camera It had to be a Howe! Ben Howe, in fact, utterly destroyed these guys and their moronic “arguments”. On guy even steps in to “handle this” so his friend (who seemingly could only wave and smile idiotically) could smile and wave idiotically. h/t GayPatriot; At […] Continue reading

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