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Friday August 27th 6-8pm CST

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I will be interviewing Mark Lerner of the Stop Real ID Coalition and Spokesman for the Constitutional Alliance telling about his newly released book-“Your Body Is Your ID”

Mark is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of biometrics and national/international ID and the book, of course, addresses those topics and their impact on our freedom but it also draws upon Mark’s experience as he has traveled around the country educating and empowering legislators and citizens alike about the threat posed to our essential freedoms by the combination of post 9 11 “security” policies and new technologies like biometric identification. In addition the book addresses some incredibly important points about the changes in our society that are of great concern all Americans. Including;

• Are we living in a Surveillance Society? And is it possible to reconcile the level of surveillance we are experiencing with a free and open society?
• The difference between lifestyle with freedom and the danger of confusing the two.
• Is our government’s strategy on immigration and terrorism, especially regarding identification policy, flawed? Is there a better alternative?

Mark Lerner’s book explains how we are all being enrolled into a single global biometric ID system, why this is such a threat and what to do about it.

Please Join us Friday!

In Liberty,
Kaye Beach

Call in number 512-646-1984

Your Body Is Your ID

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