Ever Try To Pin Jello To The Wall?

Jello, anyone? Our representatives SHOULD be made of sterner stuff.

I’ve been scratching my head for a long time now about something. A lot of people say they are sick of politicians. But most politicians seem to think we want politically correct double speak. In asking questions about principles and positions on issues, its like trying to pin jello to the wall.

Of course there are people who are running for office who are trying to “transform” our country and to “progress” our nation. They cannot tell us that they want to shred the Constitution, amass power, and create a socialist / fascist Eutopia, so they have to do their thing on the sneak.

But what about the politicians or candidates who sort of hint that they are not for such an agenda? Or the candidates who will privately state they are opposed to big government, for traditional values, and for moving the country back to the Constitution? Why do they sound like they have been put through a political scrubbing machine?

Is it because they just don’t know how to say it like it is? Or is it because they really are not for the things they whisper about? If a candidate is afraid to articulate principles and is not prepared to defend those principles to voters when running for an office, how are they supposed to hold tight to them when they are governing or legislating?

At this particular point in history, considering the state of our nation, if politicians won’t stake out some territory and attempt to change the national conversation, how can we expect they will have any skill to do so when they confront a school board, city council, county board, state legislature, or Congress that is filled with people who are for more spending, more government, and ultimately financial ruin?

I think New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in answering a reporter’s question about his “tone” sheds some light on the whole matter, and serves as an example to elected officials and those running for office:


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