Do we just give up?

On one of my MeetUp groups, one activist noted his frustration in creating change in Oklahoma:

“I am really questioning the logic behind the idea of working within the republican party. Not one single bill passed last session. Not one Liberty candidate made it past the primary. The OK republican leadership is laughing at us. And it’s not just Oklahoma … some pro-wrestler lady beat Peter Schiff, a man that predicted the economic crash! But I guess when it comes down to it there is not much difference between pro-wrestling and our current political system anyway. We need to rethink what we are doing and get back on track. We need to stop watering down our message for “conservatives”. I’m not saying I have the answers but I know the current plan is not working.”

My thoughts:

1)     Politics is a long ballgame and it is basketball, not soccer.  Political change is not:  we scored a goal and the game is over.  We are going to score and so are they. Who ever scores the most over time wins.

2)     Don’t give up on groups because of the leaders.  These groups have members that are screaming for change and may be as frustrated with you with the direction of the group; they just don’t know any alternatives.  “Like minded groups” provide you with the opportunity to create relationships with people who do share your views.  We will never create change by retreating into smaller units that don’t recruit or reach out.

3)     Yep we didn’t win with this legislature.  But the Tea Parties were created AFTER the election of 2008.  The people in charge of the Oklahoma legislature of today started 10 years ago to take over.  Tea Party people have not begun to fight.

When I came to Oklahoma 17 years ago to pass Right to Work we had only 1/3 of the legislature in support, it took nearly 4 election cycles to get Right to Work passed.  Every week someone told me, “you can’t get it done, just quit or do a referendum.”  If I had taken their “advise” it would have never gotten done.  They only beat you if you quit.

The question is:  are you going to learn to win, or are you going to keep doing the same things that lead to defeat and permanent minority status?  Are you seeking to be loved, or feared and respected by the political class?

Politics at one level is a game of manipulation, only because politicians are manipulatable.  Their behavior is predictable; hence you can create change IF you know what you are doing.


GUEST COLUMN – This goes along with my thoughts above . . .

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

Bo Jackson

The False Indicators of Success and Failure

By Bob Cox

There are three emotional levels most everyone experiences during their journey through setting and achieving their important life goals:


When a positive experience (the high) impacts one of our goals, we become very excited and say, “This goal is going really great!” When it happens to me, I usually say to my wife, Karin, “This is going to be easier than I imagined.”

I take that positive experience that moves my goal forward and extrapolate it out to a larger universe. The goal becomes a conceptual video in my mind that is now nearly achieved. However, though this high point in reference to my goal is good news… it’s not an indication that I’m going to achieve the goal without continued hard work and persistence.

When a negative experience (the low) impacts one of our goals, we become sad and a little discouraged and say, “This goal is not going well.” When it happens to me, I usually say to Karin, “This is going to be more difficult than I imagined.”

I take that negative experience that slows down my goal and extrapolate it out to a larger universe. The goal becomes a snapshot in my mind… frozen in time… and it seems as though I will never achieve it. However, though this low point in reference to my goal is disappointing… it’s not an indication that I can’t or won’t accomplish the goal.

The highs and lows are both great deceivers!

They are false indicators of success and failure, as they are simply moments in time.

The plateau is when you reach a point that makes you feel like you’re stuck in neutral.

For example…

Your goal is to lose 15 pounds this year. So far, you’ve lost 5 pounds, but haven’t lost any more weight in several weeks or months.


Your goal is to increase your income by $30,000. So far, you’ve bumped your income up by $10,000, but it no longer seems to be increasing.

The reality is that these flat spots are normal — and part of the goal achieving process!

What can you do to push past these plateaus? The best way is to take continued positive actions toward your goals.

If you feel like you’re stuck in neutral, here’s what I want you to do. Schedule 10 minutes with yourself (10 minutes of quiet time) each morning for the next week. During that time, remember WHY you set that goal. Visualize the benefits of achieving the goal. In addition, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I allocated enough time to accomplish this goal?

This is the most common problem that I have discovered during the one-on-one coaching calls I make to members of the Epiphany Alliance program. Make sure you’re not overreaching by trying to accomplish a goal in an unrealistic amount of time.

  • Have I asked other people for their help?

There is no one right way or set formula for every person and goal. You need to be creative and open to suggestions and ideas.

  • Do I have too many goals?

Making three financial goals for the year in addition to their health, personal, and social goals is too much. My recommendation is to make only one goal in each category.

My goal experiences have taught me to… make my promises to myself sparingly and keep them faithfully. This (which has become my simplified personal mission statement) keeps me from overextending myself — and, thus, underperforming.

A lifetime of success is at your fingertips. You merely need to reach for it. Turn your goals into promises… take continued, positive actions… and you will achieve success — and recreate success — in whatever you pursue, for the rest of your life.

[Ed. Note: You can change your life and accomplish all your goals with simple strategies like the ones Bob Cox just shared. For dozens more ways to turn your dreams into reality — plus tons of goal-setting tools and motivation to get going — sign up for ETR’s Epiphany Alliance program.Learn more here.]

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I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over thirty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I am a co-founder of R3publicans or R3s –- we are Republicans working to Restore the Republic. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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