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Is Obama Over?

It took Bill Clinton nearly eight years to kill the credibility of his presidency. It took George Bush about five years. It has taken Barack Obama about two. Anybody see a pattern? We do. The Internet itself, like a vast echo chamber, reminds people en… Continue reading

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Tea-Party Coup

A number of month ago, we wrote a good many articles about the Tea Party movement. Along with everyone else we were trying to figure out what it was about and why there seemed to be several different movements and no real way of determining who was in … Continue reading

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Infanticide & Instincts

As life rolls on for me, with many pluses and some minuses along the way, an issue that keeps propping up in my more academic studies is whether people have instincts like non-human animals supposedly do. Or are we born with what some refer to as a bla… Continue reading

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Do we just give up?

On one of my MeetUp groups, one activist noted his frustration in creating change in Oklahoma:
“I am really questioning the logic behind the idea of working within the republican party. Not one single bill passed last session. Not one Liberty candidate made it past the primary. The OK republican leadership is laughing at us. And […] Continue reading

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