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Struggling Blumenauer Calls in Big Guns as Lopez Moves Within Striking Distance

Pelosi appeared at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser at the Portland home of Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who is struggling to maintain a Democratic majority in the face of continued high unemployment and negative ratings in polls. Continue reading

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Florida GOP nominee for Governor Rick Scott slams Obama on GZ Mosque

One of the first of many, I’m betting. Via Politico; “We can’t control the timing of President Obama’s offensive remarks. Perhaps you should ask the White House why our commander-in-chief chose to make this a national issue and offend Americans so close to the Florida primary,” said Scott spokeswoman Jen Baker, when asked about the […] Continue reading

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Reagan speaks to us again, and absolutely NAILS the leftist Democrats in control today

Via Aaron Gardner;

Ronald Reagan gave that speech for Barry Goldwater’s campaign in the 60s, and in all these years, nothing has changed, just the names. Some mess “we inherited”.
Lets not kick the can down the road again, lets get r… Continue reading

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Washington's Idea of Fiscal Restraint

The truth comes out eventually, however. Much like the recently discovered exemption from Freedom of Information Act requirements for the SEC that was slipped into the equally massive and "urgent" financial reform bill, we are finally seeing … Continue reading

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Euro-Zone Erodes

The argument made in this article is that Europe's debt crisis is not at an end and will continue to get worse. The article is written by Matthew Lynn – a Bloomberg News columnist and author of "Bust," a forthcoming book on the Gree… Continue reading

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Abandon the Afghan Ship?

Here at the Bell we regard the Afghan war as the most important conflict since World War II. We do not believe the Afghan war is merely one of convenience designed to initiate a long war that will destabilize Asia and thus China and Russia. If the Angl… Continue reading

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The Mosque Fiasco

For once I agree with something that President Obama said, if I understood him right: Muslims do have the basic right, one that is legally protected in a free country, to build a mosque anywhere they choose if they own the land (or are leasing it … Continue reading

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GiN Whine List First Honorees: The Green Shirts

The City of Lincoln budget has been in trouble year after year. One of the reasons is the very loud folks who show up at every turn to demanding that every city program remain in place. Grassroots in Nebraska has a new feature: The Whine List. Some recent attendees of a City Council meeting are a first “honorees”. Continue reading

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