Why I Support Bill Schuette For Attorney General

Michigan Patriots and Fellow Precinct Delegates,

We need strong conservatives in key offices in Michigan. The Attorney General Office is one of those. The Attorney General is an advocate for Michigan and her citizens and must be willing to go to the wall in defense of both! We need a staunch Conservativecandidate that will do just that.

Bill Schuette is that person and that is why I am personally supporting Bill Schuette for Attorney General.

As precinct delegates, elected at our County Conventions, Aug 12, we will decide the Attorney General candidate that will be on the November Ballot by voting at the Republican State Convention held Saturday, August 28th at MSU
Breslin Center, East Lansing

As part of the Reagan Revolution,” Bill’s core principals adhere to our Constitution. He believes that freedom is produced through limited government, strong national defense combined with tax cuts, and the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax (MBT). Bill also has an impressive score in our Mobile ActionPatriot Strikeforce Questionnaire

As Attorney General, Bill will continue to defend the Constitution of Michigan (Historical documents) and the Constitution of the United States

Bill will also be an uncompromising hard-hitting defender of the integrity of our elections by aggressively prosecuting those who perpetrate election fraud in Michigan.

Bill Schuette servedon the Court of Appeals and was a strong, tough, decisive judge.

Bill Schutte understands that the Attorney General is the “People’s Lawyer” and as such that public safety is a fundamental obligation of government and will be a tough crime-fighter. It’s time to stop releasing dangerous criminals back on our streets while reducing the police who patrol our streets. We must have safe streets, safe neighborhoods, and safe schools for our children in Michigan.

And Bill Schuette will be an unwavering advocate of consumer protection for the citizens of Michigan.

Bill Schuette has proved himself to be a hard-working fighter for conservative values and principals, an accomplished and experienened judge, who leads by example.

Bill Schuette

I encourage my fellow precinct delegates to vote for  Bill Schuette for Attorney General.

For Michigan and America

Joan Fabiano
Joan Fabiano is among the “pioneers” of the tea party movement, having co-organizedthe event held at the State Capitol on February 27, 2009, which occurred simultaneously with those in 40 other cities. Soon after she founded the citizen activist group, Grassroots in Michigan.

Fabiano is a retired General Motors employee and United Auto Workers Union member now running a small business part-time. She has lived in the state of Michigan, once considered the automotive capital of the world, throughout her life.

Since, February 27, 2009, Grassroots in Michigan has organized “Tea Parties” rallies and protest at the State Capitol and at Senator Debbie Stabenow’s East Lansing office as well as across the state. Organizer, Joan Fabiano appeared on Fox Business News with Charles Payne and was invited on the Michigan leg of the Tea Party Express “Vote
Them Out” Tour.

Additionally, Grassroots in Michigan has received coverage from Michigan TV affiliates, WILX, WLAJ, and WSYM and
others. In the Lansing State Journal, the Detroit Free Press, and various other Michigan and national newspapers, and on radio stations WOOD, WJR, WJIM, and others.

About SCrosnoe

I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over forty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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