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Al Franken cracks himself up as Senator, now he’s out to take over Algore’s internet

The Senate’s self-appointed Jester, or rather, Court Fool, has now taken up a new job in addition to pretending to be a US Senator; he’s a Twitter Activist. His cause du jour? Restricting the internet to anyone who doesn’t agree with the left. Uncle Al would like you to sign his petition because “…the government […] Continue reading

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Does Radical Left Favor Radical Islam?

Recently I have been recalling when University of Michigan Professor of Law, Catherine McKinnon used to advocate censoring pornography because she believed it is an assault upon women. She lays out her case in her very prestigiously published slim and… Continue reading

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African Union Plans Spaceflight

We don't much like large governmental organization and we are not fans of the even larger organizations erected by, for lack of a better phrase, "regional" governments such as the European Union. This announcement by the African Union is … Continue reading

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World Justice Meme Emerges

Like everybody else, we have been transfixed by the war-crimes tribunal that is weighing the fate of former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor. OK … that was a nice opening line, but actually, we don't know anyone who is "transfixed," an… Continue reading

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Why I Support Bill Schuette For Attorney General

Michigan Patriots and Fellow Precinct Delegates,

We need strong conservatives in key offices in Michigan. The Attorney General Office is one of those. The Attorney General is an advocate for Michigan and her citizens and must be willing to go to the wall in defense of both! We need a staunch Conservativecandidate that will […] Continue reading

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