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China – The Reality of the Bubble

There are no less than two eye-opening recent stories in Germany's mainstream Spiegel Online dealing with the Chinese real-estate bubble. You can see an excerpt of one above. The other is called "Chinese Fight Property Seizures by the State,&q… Continue reading

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Iran War to Advance Global Currency?

One cannot help but be struck at the timing of such a war, when put into the context of other wars being waged now – either acknowledged or not. The Afghanistan war is an acknowledged one. But there is also an undercover war being waged in Pakist… Continue reading

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Beautiful & Bankrupt

On a recent visit to Portugal, near Lisbon and right off the Atlantic Coast, I rediscovered that country after having been away from it for 40 years. And it comes across very different now from what it was back then. Most surprisingly it comes across t… Continue reading

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