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Attention NYC Construction Trades

You’ve no doubt heard the crapola about the guy who want to build a mosque near the WTC site where many of you no doubt spent a hell of a lot of time picking through the rubble trying to find someone alive. Afterward, you picked through the same rubble trying to clear the site, finding […] Continue reading

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Technocrats Take Over Greece

Those who bother to read the Daily Bell semi-regularly will know that there has been feedback discussion about the Bell's perspective that austerity for Southern Europe is not a good thing. Much pushback to this perspective has come in the form of … Continue reading

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The World Turned Upside Down

Tradition says when Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown back in 1781 the British played this tune as they marched out of the fortifications in surrender to the American army. Whether this actually happened is open to debate but the loss suffered by… Continue reading

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US FedGov Saves the Day

Timothy Geithner has written a long, self-congratulatory New York Times article entitled "Welcome to the Recovery." In it, he points out that the US is gradually beginning to do better economically and that the country is "on the path ba… Continue reading

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The Trouble With Unconstitutional Wars

Our foreign policy was in the spotlight last week, which is exactly where it should be. Almost two years ago many voters elected someone they thought would lead us to a more peaceful, rational co-existence with other countries. However, while attention… Continue reading

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Stark Example of Ruling Class Mentality – The Government CAN

A video of Congressman Pete Stark is making the rounds online. Displaying both arrogance and ignorance, Stark doesn’t seem to get his information about Federal government duties from the Constitution. Perhaps he obtained it from a popular video entitled “The Government Can”. Continue reading

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