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Another “Border Skirmish” in the TEA Party War? Glenn Beck isn’t helping…

Glenn Beck has a job to do; it is to get ratings primarily but beyond that he is a valued teacher within the conservative movement who provides the information to enable you and me to educate our family and friends on what the left is doing to our country; to enable us explain who Obama […] Continue reading

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Why Bankers Didn't See Collapse

We have written about this dominant social theme before but are constantly amazed by its reoccurrence. Actually, it is not a dominant theme but a sub-dominant social theme, a spinoff of a larger theme, which is, of course, "the world's central… Continue reading

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The Bombing of Iran

Increasingly, we believe the high-water mark of the Anglo-American axis came in 2007. History will record, as with Rome, that this first decade of the 2000s marked a gradually shifting away from one of the bloodiest annals of human history. The Anglo-A… Continue reading

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The Last Honest Politician?

Hey, at least “Clint Webb” is “honest”… While this guy certainly likely reminds all who see it of the ticker in far too many politicians’ brains while their mouths are saying exactly what voters want to hear, I, and at least one other person find it particularly unnerving. We’re too easily reminded of our own […] Continue reading

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Who will stand with the 300, and defend this land from…


[Stolen from Eric Odom’s Facebook page.] Continue reading

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