RightOnline 2010-Herman Cain

Yeah, I’m still feeling pretty wiped out by the activities this weekend in Las Vegas. I have a ton of pictures and video to go thru, and ideas bouncing around in my head trying to get out in some coherent form.

One of the many speakers that stood out for me was Herman Cain. He definitely said what people wanted to hear about restoring the DC mess to governance of the people and turning things around to a more sound financial footing, and he has some history in doing just that in the business world.

Morrissey got an interview later in Cain’s hotel after the General Session;

As is usually the case when Herman Cain appears at a conference, he usually draws most of the attention. In this week’s Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Cain addressed the general session — this time, thankfully, after I did — he also joined a panel that encourages activists to work with employers to teach basic economics to their employees.  Certainly, as the man who had to rescue Godfather’s Pizza from oblivion, Cain himself had to do a lot of that kind of teaching within the company first.  Cain says that one of the biggest problems facing the US is ignorance of how the economy works.  However, people seem thirstier for that knowledge now than ever.  We also talked about his presidential aspirations, or prayerful considerations thereof, the racism debate and the distraction it provides, Fannie/Freddie and the Fed, and much more:

Here’s Herman Cain’s RightOnline speech;

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