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Protecting Your IRA – Part 1: The Danger

There is now a robust political constituency supporting the generous tax treatment given to IRAs. One element is the 40 million people who have an IRA. A second element is the retail financial industry – banks, brokerage houses, mutual funds and … Continue reading

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Comes a Blond Stranger …

Let's summarize," he said. "We got an albino misfit with a strange name running around from country to country and leaking confidential information onto hundreds of anonymous servers. We'll fund the operation, but he'll pretend to… Continue reading

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Is It a Deflationary Depression?

The Telegraph has been very good at diagnosing deflationary trends in the larger economy, and we have agreed with this analysis because it seems obvious. What is noteworthy, however, is that prices keep going down, as the Telegraph analyzes above, even… Continue reading

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A Lopsided Warning

The president of the AAUP – American Association of University Professors – issued a lengthy declaration warning the membership against getting involved with BP, the giant oil company whose operations have gone awry in the Gulf of Mexico and whose mana… Continue reading

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The Free Speech Gag Bill Stalls on the Floor of the Senate!

— “This DISCLOSE Act is not about reform….” Continue reading

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RJ Harris says – It’s Election Day! – Remember to Vote

It’s Election Day! – Remember to Vote It has now been a year and a half since RJ Harris began his campaign. We’ve truly been a grassroots campaign and we’ve stuck to our guns, refused money from special interests, refused to waiver on constitut… Continue reading

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RightOnline 2010-Herman Cain

Yeah, I’m still feeling pretty wiped out by the activities this weekend in Las Vegas. I have a ton of pictures and video to go thru, and ideas bouncing around in my head trying to get out in some coherent form. One of the many speakers that stood out for me was Herman Cain. He […] Continue reading

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RightOnline 2010-A Quick video Snapshot of speakers

Unbelievably, this video was posted by Media Matters, who probably put this video together to scare the left. I think it’s pretty good actually. Surprisingly.
This may be the only time in my life I ever link to something of theirs…

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