I DID hear Napolitano admit she was clueless on securing the border

I thought I was nuts, but turns out she is

I was watching Greta the other night when she had Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano on. I turned away for a second, distracted. When I turned back, she was telling Greta Van Susteren “…if I knew what was meant by secure the border that would be one thing”.


I watched the second showing at 10PM PDT, but of course got distracted again (I hate that!), and decided to look for the video “tomorrow”.

Of course, “tomorrow” I was “distracted” (read “forgot”), but stumbled across the video just now;

Amongst all the softball questions from Greta and all the “Ah, Ahs” from Janet Napolitano, there was one quote from the DHS security that really caught my attention. When Greta asked her about the two different ways Republicans and Democrats want to go about “immigration reform”, Greta mentioned to Napolitano that Republicans want to secure the borders first, before any sort of immigration reform would take place. Napolitano’s response?

“If I knew what was meant by secure the border that would be one thing”


Pertinent quote around 6:23

Lame from the top on down.

Well, it gets worse; the reason I stumbled across that video is because I found this one;

Earlier this week, on a prominent Mobile, Ala. morning drive show (Sean & Wayne, 106.5 WAVH), Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano made a pretty big gaffe during an interview. As it was wrapping up Napolitano wanted to pat herself on the back for working with Alabama officials on day one in responding to the Gulf oil spill. And while mentioning that she had met with Alabama officials including Gov. Haley Barbour. The problem – he’s governor of Mississippi.

Go to Three Fingers of Politics and watch it, I’ve had enough of that woman on this site for one night.

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