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Allen West on the NAACP and Institutional Racism

I love this guy Apparently in addition to running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District, LTC(R) Allen B. West also writes for a motorcycle rag in South Florida called Wheels on the Road. There’s a lot of good stuff there as I browse through their site, including the picture you see here. The magazine price […] Continue reading

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GOP Establishment Fears Tea Party Candidates

So who wants to join Rand Paul’s “tea-party” caucus?
“I don’t know about that,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) replied with a nervous laugh. “I’m not sure I should be participating in this story.”
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Afghanistan – Better or Worse?

From our point of view the Afghanistan War is another dominant social theme that is failing. While some in the alternative news community maintain that the Afghanistan war is merely another phony war cooked up by CIA blowback, we don't think it is … Continue reading

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The Genius of Bernanke

We have no idea how the Wall Street Journal came up with this blog singing the praises of Bernanke. But we have excerpted the article above and used its rhetoric as an example of a specific trend. It shows once again how the elite seems immune to oppos… Continue reading

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I DID hear Napolitano admit she was clueless on securing the border

I thought I was nuts, but turns out she is I was watching Greta the other night when she had Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano on. I turned away for a second, distracted. When I turned back, she was telling Greta Van Susteren “…if I knew what was meant by secure the border that would be […] Continue reading

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