LatmaTV Showing How To Get Past MSM

Humor can be a very effective tool. But it’s grown rather dusty in the toolbox of folks who don’t abide political correctness, outright lies, or other nonsense well. For some reason, the ability to produce witty and effective video has been largely lacking from the common sense, truth telling crowd. Until recently – at least in one arena.

LatmaTV, an Israeli comedy troupe one could liken to America’s Saturday Night Live has begun releasing some very clever videos.

The first video from Latma to soar in popularity was entitled “We Con the World”, styled after “We Are the World”. The “We Con” video reached 1.3+ million views on YouTube when there was a copyright violation complaint from the publisher and YouTube pulled it down from the site. Copyright law is not fuzzy about parodies and spoofs. Apparently, YouTube was merely confused, because on July 8, they restored the video. As of today, it’s up to 2.2 million views:

Following the success of “We Con the World”, Latma put out “The Three Tenors”:

The troupe now has a new website, We Con the World, promising the release of further videos and updates on their activities.


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