The very funny never dull saga of Keith Olbermann’s ownage continues

I just got home from work and eating Mexican food (not racist, it really is called “Mexican food”) with the family, and am now in stitches laughing. It hurts. I ate a lot.

I had heard Keith Olber-dork was “owned” yesterday, but I forgot to read the story I had seen, and Olbermann is an idiot so who cares…

Now I finally get caught up;

The folks at the Daily Caller have scored a most excellent coup. Today they own Keith Olbermann. Literally.

Okay . . . technically it is, but still. That is just awesome.

Awesome! It’s beyond awesome! Wonder what the demented Olbermann thinks about that little gem? has that;


Olby’s reaction was first to laugh it off, then just minutes later (as the paranoia kicked in) to sputter vague threats about legal proceedings. We at OlbyWatch throw our full support toward this new venture, and encourage all our loyal readers to contact the new and suggest topics to cover, perhaps bring their attention to some of our hundreds of OlbyWatch videos, and in general encourage them on this noble enterprise.

Tucker Carlson may be reached at his personal email address:

Olbermann Watch has a video embed there you have to see, Tucker Carlson in his own words explaining how it went down, and how far Olberdork is going down as well. Not just in ratings, mentally.

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