Blame Central Banking Not Banks

We do not believe that blaming the bankers gets it "just right." In fact, it is the most common of all dominant social themes – that economic downturns are the fault of big, powerful private interests. This sort of populism has been cultivated by the power-elite throughout the past several centuries as a way of promoting an "us versus them" mentality. Let the "people" blame capitalism and turn to government for solutions and the power elite that stands behind government benefits inordinately.


About SCrosnoe

I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over thirty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I am a co-founder of R3publicans or R3s –- we are Republicans working to Restore the Republic. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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