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Mark Levin’s legal foundation joins in the Arizona suit siding with Arizona

Mark Levin announced today his Landmark Legal Foundation is jumping in against the Obama/Calderón administration’s attempt to vilify the state of Arizona for passing a law identical to not only the federal statutes, but other state’s laws as well. American’s support for the Arizona law (SB1070) was put at 57% recently in a CBS poll, […] Continue reading

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Building the Long War

In several previous articles we've examined the possibilities of the US opening a third (or fourth) military front with Iran. Certainly the US and its allies seem on track to do this and from our point of view the examination of this possib… Continue reading

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Shutting It All Down for the State!

We in America now we have a head of state who actually appears to accept this reactionary philosophy, judging by his eager embrace of the judicial philosophy of his former colleague from the University of Chicago Law School, now Harvard law professor C… Continue reading

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Don't You Try and Save!

The whole system is perverse. It has been set up by a power elite for purposes of consolidating wealth and control in THEIR hands, not for creating better and more prosperous civil societies. In normal, healthy societies, money is a tool of commerce no… Continue reading

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Homegrown Thought Crime Redux-HR 5590 and not a peep from the MSM

On June 29, 2010 H.R.5590 Counterterrorism Enhancement and Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act of 2010 was introduced. House Republicans are attempting to pass a new authorization bill for the Department of Homeland Security that would (a… Continue reading

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Can Randy Brogdon’s constitutionalist bravado trump the popularity of Mary Fallin?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 By Scott Cooper The governor’s race on the Republican side couldn’t be more different than a Lego and a Lincoln Log. Four candidates are vying for the GOP nomination, but only two have a realistic shot of winning: a well-known political glamour girl and a fist-pumping fellow from the far right. One is the darling of the party and the other is trying to change the party’s dance tune. Continue reading

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