GiN Series Refuting the Flawed July 4th Article on the Founders

We’ve recently posted a series inspired by a Lincoln Journal Star on July 4 entitled

Whose side are the Founding Fathers on?

LJS Article - click to read

LJS Article – click to read

Part One:The Founding? Move Along Folks, Nothing to See There. Onward Progress!

Part one points out that the author of the LJS article attempts to appear unbiased, yet he adopts a very particular point of view. It is the same point of held by the majority of politicians, academics, and elites.

Part Two: “Efforts to Muddle History of the Founding Don’t Change Its Facts.”

Part two points out a number of inaccuracies found in the article and how these inaccuracies are typically used by revisionists to shape an impression of history.

Original Bill of Rights. Click to read more

Part Three:  “Whose Side ARE the Founders On? Easy.”

Part three lays out the fallacy put forward by the author – there is no clear answer about whose side the Founders were on.

And there are two issue specific posts:

History taught like a game of telephone

Ignorance is Bliss? No. Ignorance is Ignorance.

This article focuses on the importance of studying history through the reading of primary sources, instead of the standard method used in government run schools today and how it leads to ignorance of history.

Slave to Revisionism

This article refutes one of the “subtle” concepts found in the LJS article; the Founding and the Founders are perhaps morally suspect because slavery was not abolished during the writing of the Constitution.

We intend to continue adding material related to this subject. Look here for updates. Since GiN’s mission includes promoting Constitutional, limited government as originally intended by the Founders, pointing out contrary information, particularly that distributed by Lincoln, Nebraska’s “paper of record”, is an important.


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