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Wannabe Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown; sounds like more of the same leftist lunacy

But WE knew that, now to convince the rest of California Via NewsBusters with a h/t to Pat Dollard; If former California Gov. Jerry Brown, now once again a candidate for governor of California really wants to be sort of a unifier as he says, he might want to watch how he refers to some […] Continue reading

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What's Behind Gold's Recent Moves?

As we pointed out in today's other article, we may be reaching a point where the elite's attempts to continually reinforce dominant social themes actually begin to be counter-productive. This may be seen in recent downward moves by the gold mar… Continue reading

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Nullification – the Freedom Meme

The Anglo-American power elite provides the Western world with dominant social themes. In the past, certainly in the 20th century, these themes worked wonderfully well. But today, many of these memes are under attack. When the elite muscles them forwar… Continue reading

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Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains

From the Boston Globe:
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Florida: Judge hits sheriff with the old One/Two

7/11/2010 One as in the First Amendment. The Judge requires the sheriff of Osceola County, who took it upon himself to arbitrarily deny Mr. Bennett concealed carry permit(Two, as in the Second Amendment) based upon his disapproval of the gentleman&#821… Continue reading

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