If the Libs plans are “floundering”, it’s not because of the packaging

Pretty bows on a pile of manure doesn’t make it apple pie [shades of Dr. Phil!]

Funny the left always seems to come back to their packaging rather than their product when their message flounders. As if it couldn’t be because their product sucks and is harming our country.

Brian Faughnan noticed the liberal trend toward re-framing and re-packaging their failed ideas rather than coming to grips with reality; they are incompetent. That or intentionally destroying the American system to re-make it into some bizarre socialist nightmare they think is Utopia;

One day, at some point, if their wish (our nightmare) comes to fruition, all things actually equal out – completely. Everyone lives at the exact same level of comfort and total equality has been achieved. Praise Be! OR has it? Hmm…. Let’s take inventory here. There will still be those working and those who don’t, and those who work and earn more and those who work and earn less… And what then? What further benefit to the Leftists in power are those who don’t work at all? What more, or perhaps, initially anyway, for how much longer, will those who work and earn less continue to be important to the powers in charge of our “Care” and “Redistribution”?

Would they need them at all at that point? Aren’t they now just a burden on the Leftist’s perfect society? Couldn’t the Leftists in charge be living even better if the non-workers or lower-earners weren’t such a damn drain on their perfect leftist economy?

I’d say the lower-rung Obama supporters had better take stock of where they’ll fit as a non-producing proletariat in their Socialist Utopian Fantasy.

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