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Here’s how we do better, support people like Allen West for Congress

Lt. Col. Allen West, candidate for Congress (FL-22), gave another of his patented awesome speeches on July 3, where he not only called out the Democrat spy brigades, (who slink and weasel around Gollum-like looking for a GOP candidate to misspeak or otherwise slip up), he also blasted Sheryl Crow for dismissing Tea Party activists […] Continue reading

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Floating Exchange Rates: Scheme to Embezzle the Dollar Balances of Surplus Countries

In putting pressure on China to follow Japan's example to revalue the yuan, the American money doctors fail to point out that they are in effect asking China to take a loss, similar to those of Japan amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, on… Continue reading

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The Hubris of Central Bankers and the Ghosts of Deflation Past

In 2003, while the United States was at the end of another boom and bust cycle following the bursting of the "dot.com" bubble and the Y2K scare, there were many monetary central planners at the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank wh… Continue reading

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NASA Now Muslim Space Agency

For many people, the idea that NASA's mission is now essentially diplomatic rather than technological is, well … weird. NASA is supposed to put astronauts in space and it would seem that the funding, infrastructure and professional talent that NA… Continue reading

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Libertarians Seek Rahn's Ideal State

Two brand new dominant social themes in a very short space of time, or at least that is the way we see it. The state has come under tremendous attack in the 21st century and we believe the powers-that-be are pushing back. (Why wouldn't they?&#4… Continue reading

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"Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama’s War in Afghanistan?

Challenger to Tom Cole, a 19yr Veteran— who has been activated for the Afghanistan Surge – RJ Harris, has issued the following response to Cole’s call for Steele’s resignation and Cole’s support for Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy. “We sh… Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers-Terrorists? 4th of July downer

Acording to FEMA they are. 2001 training that took place in Oklahoma. July 2001 Tagged: FEMA, founding fathers, Oklahoma, terorrists, training, video Continue reading

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Camera Shutdown Just One Step For Wiedermann

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The red light cameras at the intersection of 10th and Minnesota in Sioux Falls have been shut down. The police department turned them off yesterday while a judge continues a court case against the city.  And the driver who file… Continue reading

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