WPT viewer feedback


These emails are some of the feedback we’ve received from Wisconsin Public Television after they aired For Liberty the evening of June 24th.

“Dear WPT, I have enjoyed so many of your programs. Including both Directors’ Cuts programs! I just finished watching the Ron Paul program and was moved. Thank you so much for providing the forum that presents programs like this!! Keep up the great work!”

“It’s 6/24 – Director’s Cut – For Liberty: The Ron Paul Revolution. It was a very good show. Interviewing the producers and Ron Paul will be back or at least his ideas.”

“I just watched Director’s Cut on June 24. I really, really appreciate that program being on, about the Ron Paul revolution. No place else would I see programming like this. And that was super. It should be seen over and over. Thank you so much! I appreciate all your programming.”

“A quick note to thank you for airing the documentary on Ron Paul. Thank you and I am sure it will reach many of your audience that will see Dr. Paul in a different light than he was portrayed during the 08 campaign season.”

“To Whom It May Concern, I would just like to thank you for broadcasting the documentary For Liberty: How The Ron Paul Revolution Watered The Withered Tree Of Liberty on Saturday night. It was nice to see you supporting Wisconsin film makers and giving a little known, but incredibly well produced and researched documentary a greater audience. I’m not an avid television viewer, but when you air quality documentaries like For Liberty that get ignored by the mainstream media, you can be sure I will tune in and support Wisconsin Public Television. Thank you again for airing For Liberty On Wisconsin Public Television.”

“I just got done watching the Ron Paul movie on WHA and I loved it! Thanks for showing it and please show it again and again. Yours in restoring liberty in America.”

“We watched Director’s Cut, For Liberty; How The Ron Paul Revolution Watered The Withered Tree of Liberty last night (6-24-10) and would sincerely wish to thank you for this program. You have done more to water the “tree of liberty” tonight than all of the other networks have done in years. Thank you so much. The program was very well done, but the message of freedom that was conveyed by this film is eternally sought after. Thank you again, and I hope that this particular film will be played again & again.”

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I serve as a watchmen on the wall. In that effort, I have been a grassroots activist for over forty years (first in Texas and now in Oklahoma). I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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