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Gov. Brewer succeeds in pushing President Obama into…

…giving a speech! Actually, it’s more than just a speech. All indications are this Thursday will be the Summer kickoff to our next political nightmare; trying to stave off yet another Amnesty package. Even now, activists working through OFA are planning on targeting GOP Congress members and “making them pay” if they don’t line up […] Continue reading

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Britain Changes Little Under Tories

Yesterday we covered Cameron's calls for austerity in Britain, believing it was perhaps part of a larger dominant social theme sweeping Europe and eventually America. The fear-based promotion in this case is that governments are over-extended and t… Continue reading

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Risks and Liberty

The New York Times editorialized in panic, predictably, in the wake of the U. S. Supreme Court ruling striking down Chicago's ban on handgun ownership. Lamenting the Court's highly abstract debate about the constitutional clause that needed to … Continue reading

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Strategies of Military Disinformation

We don't mean to point fingers at Stratfor specifically in the upcoming analysis but only to point out that faulty analyses lead to faulty conclusions – and thus acceptance of the elite's dominant social themes or at least an inability to… Continue reading

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The Military Can Waste Money Too

This past week various news events once again made it abundantly clear that our foreign policy is an abject failure. Unfortunately, in spite of this the administration is determined to stay on this destructive course, despite any past promises to chang… Continue reading

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Pete Stark-raving lunatic (D, CA-13) says “Our borders are quite secure, thank you”

This is how unhinged the Democrat Party has become
We’re used to seeing idiotic things from Pete Stark, but this is arrogance-deluxe even from him.
Via Michelle Malkin and the Golden Gate Minutemen (who are probably quite sick of being stuck with… Continue reading

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The Social

Thank you to everyone who came out!  The Social last week was a huge success and we were packed to capacity almost 200 people showed up! It was a great evening of meeting new people and visiting with our faithful supporters. Everyone was excited to ha… Continue reading

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