ACTION ALERT: State Budget Meeting at Capitol Tuesday June 29

Requesting Action From Nebraskans Concerned about State Spending and Taxes Tuesday, June 29
Legislative Budget Meeting
State Capitol, Room 1113
1445 K St., Lincoln
There will be a legislative committee meeting led by Speaker Mike Flood regarding the projected state budget shortfall Tuesday, June 29.

We are asking all who are concerned about the budget shortfall and taxation who can make it down to the Capitol to attend this meeting. The meeting is open for attendance by the public, but this is not an outlet for public input. Read below for the rationale behind our call for attendance.

Why we are asking for this action:

Nebraska tax revenues are falling short for the second year running. The current shortfall projection is $679 million.
Historically, lobbyists and advocates for bigger-government are the only groups who attempt to influence the budget process.
Big government advocacy groups are pushing for a place “at the table” and are calling for tax increases rather than budget cuts.
For additional detail, including quotes from some of the groups referenced, read the following article from the Lincoln Journal Star:

Click to read Lincoln Journal Star Article: Nebraska Appleseed groups want input

Nebraska Appleseed groups want input on state budget priorities

Goals for the hearing:

Let Senators participating in the hearing know that Nebraska citizens, not just lobbyists and leftists are interested in their actions.
Observe the particular Senators involved to continue learning about their attitudes, positions, and conduct in the Legislature.
Learn as much as possible about the status of the state budget and the apparent direction the legislature will be taking to deal with it.
In order to send a quiet message to groups like Appleseed and the Senators, we intend to distribute a sticker as we did for the Sovereignty Resolution hearing.


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