About the “Green Jobs” fallacy…

Government simply mandating a certain percentage of energy come from a particular type of energy producer is supposed to “create green jobs”? What about the “jobs that create the green”, as in, make a person money?

Obama promised “Hope”, and that’s about all we got, empty hope. He promised “Change”, well we got plenty of that, along with the unemployment and a nearly stagnant economy. We also learned we have a rogue federal government filled with elitist snobs nearly completely unresponsive to the will or demands of its people

His promise of “Green Jobs” is just another empty promise, because it will only work if there is profit in the production. Money subsidies from the government isn’t “profit”, not long-term, it’s just moving money from one taxpayer to another.

John Stossel from last year, via Brian Faughnan at Liberty Central;

Say some farmer wants to quit farming as much land; he’s getting older and his kids aren’t really into farming so he decides to lease a few parcels to some “Green” Wind farm energy plant. What are the chances the permits will be approved these days? Choruses of people will probably ring out about “being an eyesore” or “killing too many birds“.

The left doesn’t want America on “Clean Energy”; they want NO energy, no people to “spoil” Mother Gaia. I say take the lead. Jump.

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