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The Sooner Republican Assembly Takes a Stand! Endorsing Convention Results

June 27, 2010 Good to see some Republicans take a stand on the recent nonsense emanating from the Cleveland County GOP leadership. “No Confidence” Amen! Ax   Two resolutions were proposed, both of which passed unanimously. The first condem… Continue reading

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Tea Party Protester Visited by Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI

The purpose of sending the FBI to “investigate” this man who had made no threats, broken no laws, and submitted his correspondence with full identifying information and through an official government website is to intimidate. Consider the s… Continue reading

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Afghanistan, the 50-Year War

This is startling news. We will explain. First of all, the reality of Al Qaeda is fairly tenuous. It may stem from a "list" of Arab militant activists that the CIA kept in the 1980s and 1990s. Second, without state funding there cannot really… Continue reading

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Fed Looks to Hyperinflate

This potential move gives the deflation versus inflation debate a new perspective. We have written in the past that we had questions about the Great Depression based on conflicting opinions of Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman et. al. Living through the… Continue reading

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My Perennial Puzzles

I no longer recall whether I chose philosophy as the discipline I wanted to explore because of some puzzles I encountered or whether I found the puzzles in the field once a got to do work in it. I think it is the former since I recall some odd questio… Continue reading

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Why men invented everything

I don’t know who spilled the beans or why, but heads will roll
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Tea Party group holds rally in Oklahoma City

Members of Sooner Tea Party, a conservative political group, held a rally Saturday in downtown Oklahoma City. More than 100 people, including political candidates, gathered outside the Ford Center leading up to the “Taking Our Country Back” tou… Continue reading

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Again, it all rests with the people of California

We’ve done it before, we can do it again I noted yesterday that the possibility exists we can stall the draconian CARB rules (AB-32) a couple years to give affected businesses a chance to recover from the sledgehammer blow already dealt them by the nearly submerged economy. There is now an initiative on the November […] Continue reading

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What’s good news for California is apparently bad news for our idiot Governator

No longer content to be called “RINO”, Arnold opts for “Undercover Democrat” I wrote earlier how California’s AB-32 was killing California jobs. The state Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to cut no slack to businesses suffering because of their ecological idiocy. Well now the people get to speak, because it’ll be on the […] Continue reading

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El Reno Police Thuggary

I’m  speechless. Thankfully, Will Grigg is not. http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/60261.html Story from NewsOK Tagged: El Reno, granny. tazer, Police Continue reading

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