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Sitting next to the US Border Patrol in a restaurant is like eating with the KKK

That is, according to this idiot in Detroit A leftist activist named Elena Herrada (anybody that went to the University of Michigan, she’s your baby!) seems to think there is just no use for Border Patrol. She gets applause, too, but consider it is Detroit, that great Northern Liberal utopia… Via Verum Serum, with yet […] Continue reading

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Neil Cavuto gets called an A**hole by AFL/CIO (remember them?) Economist

Cavuto isn’t taking no answer for an answer
Via Mark Levin and RCP;

Get him Neil! Continue reading

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Rand Paul's Anti-Libertarian Fence

We have written about Rand Paul in the past expressing some hesitation about the race he is running. We wondered if he would have done better to use his hard-fought platform as a bully pulpit to educate the public about free-market themes instead of ap… Continue reading

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US Jobs Aren't Coming Back

One of the hoariest dominant social themes or sub themes promoted by the power elite is that government can create jobs. It is possibly a sub theme because the dominant theme is simply that "government can do it all." In fact, the only things… Continue reading

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