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New audio of Obama shows who the liar is (hint; It’s NOT Sen Kyl)

The latest from ColdWarrior at RedState (the guy who actually broke the Sen. Kyl audio story, not Bill O’Reilly, etc.); Who’s telling the truth, Jon Kyl or Barack Hussein Obama? Following up on what Sen. Jon Kyl reported on Friday, June 18 (that President Barack Hussein Obama told him in a private, one-on-one meeting, in […] Continue reading

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Ok, now Obama and Ken Salazar are just playing games with people’s jobs

This guy Salazar needs to go…but don’t they all? The same day a federal court judge slammed the Obama administration and overturned their drilling moratorium, Ken Salazar turns around and says he’ll simply issue another stop order; WASHINGTON — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he will issue a new order imposing a moratorium on deepwater […] Continue reading

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Can Government Control the 'Net?

Well, of course it is, and for your own good, too. Or maybe not. We have watched with interest as government attacks against the Internet have become more formalized in China, the UK and, of course, America. The Chinese attacks are obvious and known in… Continue reading

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Serious Questions About Afghan War

It is hard, in fact, to write a dominant social theme that includes this book because we don't think this book is part of a power-elite promotion. We don't think this guy went and put himself into an Afghan jail just to increase his credibility… Continue reading

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Too Much Government in the Gulf

Sadly, the disaster in the Gulf continues this week as BP's efforts at containment keep hitting snags and residents along the coast scramble to clean up and defend their shores and wildlife. Many have criticized the federal government in the past w… Continue reading

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Report from European Commission Raises New Questions on Body Scanners

Posted 6/22/2010     A report prepared for the European Parliament and the European Council on the controversial proposal to deploy body scanners at European airports warns of “a serious risk of fragmenting fundamental rights of EU citizens, im… Continue reading

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Random Red light camera news

Ariz. boycott may cost LA red light cameras abc7.com At issue is the fact that the city’s red light cameras are owned by an Arizona-based company. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been one of the most vocal … See all stories on this topic Lig… Continue reading

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Reason: Peter Schiff Qualifies for Primary, Still Lags Behind Wrestling Queen

Good news (but we still have our work cut out for us):
From Politico via Reason Mag:

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Gen. Stanley McChrystal; placed in a no-win position by his CinC?

Almost seems…intentional Via a series of Tweets by Fox White House correspondent Major Garrett; An article due out at Rolling Stone magazine later this week is previewed by an AP piece at FoxNews.com describing how the embattled General McChrystal receives little to no support from the Administration nor those chosen by the Obama White House […] Continue reading

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