Gov. Jindal isn’t waiting around, drags Obama to “See the Judge” to stop drilling ban

First Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal got tired of waiting on the feds to protect the Gulf Coast shores.

Now with jobs and the people of Louisiana under attack by knee-jerk decisions made by Obama and his cronies with the drilling moratorium, Jindal is again taking action;

Jindal and state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell on Sunday filed a legal brief in support of a Louisiana-based offshore services company that’s asking a federal judge to lift the ban.

The ban is “effectively turning an environmental disaster into an economic catastrophe for the state,” the brief alleges.

The ban is in place while the administration and a White House-created independent commission review drilling safety in the wake of the BP oil spill.

Via the Louisiana Governor’s website;

The brief argues that states are entitled to participate in the policy and decision-making process by the federal government on issues relating to the exploration and development of Outer Continental Shelf minerals and requires the Secretary of Interior to cooperate with affected states. The brief states, “Inasmuch as the State of Louisiana was completely ignored by defendants in the establishment of this moratorium for alleged safety reasons, the question arises whether that failure renders Defendants’ action invalid.”

The brief also argues that the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) ensures revenues from the Outer Continental Shelf are to be shared with states for specific purposes including mitigating damages to fish, wildlife or natural resources and conservation projects. According the brief, the moratorium does not address the obligations of the federal government to the states via GOMESA. The brief argues that the impact of moratorium runs counter to the federal government’s obligations and will negatively impact Louisiana’s economy.

The 17 page brief is here.

Does it seem to anyone else that Obama is just smacking Louisiana and other states around intentionally?

At least Louisiana has a Governor who fights back, even if he doesn’t exactly look good giving the GOP Response to the State of the Union Address, he has it where it counts.

Here’s Governor Jindal from June 11;

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