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Gov. Jindal isn’t waiting around, drags Obama to “See the Judge” to stop drilling ban

First Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal got tired of waiting on the feds to protect the Gulf Coast shores. Now with jobs and the people of Louisiana under attack by knee-jerk decisions made by Obama and his cronies with the drilling moratorium, Jindal is again taking action; Jindal and state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell on Sunday […] Continue reading

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China's Potemkin Stock Market

The Chinese miracle plays on. Around the world, the yuan pushed up against the dollar now that Chinese leaders are letting the yuan float. Chinese stock markets are soaring. Meanwhile, Senator Joseph Lieberman has launched legislation to specifically g… Continue reading

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There's No Level Playing Field or Equal Opportunity

Yet another excuse for some people to gain power over others is this idea of the level playing field. It's a metaphor, of course, but used often to mean starting in a race with no advantages for any of the participants. Another term by which to in… Continue reading

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The Skeptical Train to Tyranny

Skeptics have, throughout history, concluded that we can never be sure about what it is that exists, and even that reality itself does not exist except in the mind. With their gospel of "eternal doubt," advocates of skepticism have thus playe… Continue reading

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Is Gold Really in a Bubble?

So gold is in a bubble, eh? How many times are we going to read this statement in the mainstream media? And as many times as we ask this question, we point out that the same media never state that stock or bond markets are in a bubble. It is taken for … Continue reading

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Just FYI. Nothing wrong with raising money but wherever Barry goes Insurenet seems to follow. Dear Friend, Switzer Fundraiser Tomorrow Night Please join Coach Barry Switzer at Reception Honoring Representative Shane Jett For U.S. Congress Oklahoma H… Continue reading

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Attention Illegal Alien Workers; the US Government is working for YOU

“Say Thank You Unemployed Citizens!” – BooBooKitty
Unbelievable PSA from the US Dept. of Labor, unbelievable in that it was en Ingles…
Via FNC; Continue reading

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Secure the Border First, Mr. Obama

Threw a video together based on ColdWarrior’s post yesterday at RedState;

$peciallist has another version, more informative (as in, more writing n stuff)

Coldwarrior emphasizes why you should always have a video recorder on hand, or at least be… Continue reading

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Economic Downturn but Less Crime? Thank You Bitter Clingers!

Correlation should not be confused with cause but this is certainly a point worth pondering and I can bet there won’t be a government study done on this statistical aberration any time soon. Ax PAGE NINE — No. 87 by Alan Korwin, Author Gun … Continue reading

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